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I'm impressed how long has passed since the last time I posted something. As I recently started blogging I'm still not quite used to regularly posting new things, most of the times I actually don't even know what to talk about (international student life is not at all that exciting..). But besides the lack of ideas I decided to share my newest addition to my wardrobe!

I have been looking for a pair of black boots for a while now and I have no idea why it was so hard to find one... Maybe I was looking at the wrong place or maybe I'm too picky with shoes, who knows. I'm really happy with this one, I bought it online at H&M (too lazy to actually go to the store..). What I am most satisfied about is that the heels are made of a material that does not make a lot of noise while walking and they are neither too low or too high giving a bit of height for a extremely short girl (me) and still comfortable to wear it for a whole day!

The first time I saw this sweater was at Zara. I had to hold myself to not buy it immediately because my money was short (as always), but as I was browsing trough SheInside and I actually found the exact same sweater with a lower price! I could not believe my luck.

Another thing I have been looking for a while is a clutch. I actually was searching for a black one, but unfortunately I could not find any that I really liked, until I saw this mint colored clutch (the search continues for a black one). It was actually really cheap about $5,00 and I bough it at Taobao. For those who do not know Taobao is a "Chinese eBay" site where you can find everything and the prices vary from really cheap (most of the time the quality is cheap as well) to expensive (brand products). The site is in Chinese of course and if you do not live in China you will need a Chinese buying agency to purchase from the site. I used a Taobao buying agency called YoyBuy.


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