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My plans on doing a haul post were washed away by all the rain from the past few days. Besides that my room is not in any conditions to appear in any picture because I'm moving soon(I'm super happy about that apart from the current mess in my room). So the plan B was to share some coupons I have found on the internet! I have never really looked for coupons while I still lived with my parents (good old times), but recently I have been buying online more often and with so many coupons available to make my buying experience more interesting (and affordable) I end up spending a good amount of time looking for new ones.
All coupons and deals I found are from hereSome of the links bellow are actually deals so you do not need a coupon, I'll divide each store between "deals" and "coupons" to make it easier.

Sheinside Deals

Free Shipping Worldwide

Sheinside Coupons

Romwe Deals

Romwe Coupons

Asos Deals

Asos Coupons

Have a nice start of the new week!   


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