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I have to admit, I am a lazy person in every aspect of my life. I try my best to overcome that and in some points I actually improved a lot, specially after I moved out from my parents house. When I lived back in Brazil I was not so worried about my skin care I would just wash it with water and once in a while (when I had a sun burn)  add some cream to hydrate my skin. Strangely enough I have never had something to complain about.

However that changed when I came to the Netherlands, with the change in climate my skin started to peel really easily specially in my forehead area. I had to change my previous beauty routine (if you could call that a beauty routine) to a healthier one by hydrating it constantly and cleaning it well every morning and before going to sleep.

When I wake up I start by washing my face with water. Using a piece of cotton I clean my skin with my Etude House toner  and finalize it by using a soothing gel, I am in love with this gel, It feels so fresh in your skin and your skin becomes so soft after the product is absorbed. (It is by far one of my favorite products that I have ever bought!)

Before I go to sleep I do the exact same thing with the exception of the gel. I have a whitening cream from Baviphat Urban Dollkiss that is supposed to be used as a night cream. Although the name can create some confusion, "whitening" creams are used to even your skin tone. 

Last but not least, whenever I wash my hair I add a hair mousse in the roots of my crown area to create some volume. This is one issue that I always had with my hair, the volume from the top of my hair is considerably less than the rest of it. This irritates me to no end! I have tried many ways to improve that, but the way that worked best (till now) is every time after I brush my wet hair I apply this mousse and then I tie my hair up in a messy bun. If you have any other idea to improve that let me know !! 

What is your beauty routine and what kind of products do you use??
I'm impressed how long has passed since the last time I posted something. As I recently started blogging I'm still not quite used to regularly posting new things, most of the times I actually don't even know what to talk about (international student life is not at all that exciting..). But besides the lack of ideas I decided to share my newest addition to my wardrobe!

I have been looking for a pair of black boots for a while now and I have no idea why it was so hard to find one... Maybe I was looking at the wrong place or maybe I'm too picky with shoes, who knows. I'm really happy with this one, I bought it online at H&M (too lazy to actually go to the store..). What I am most satisfied about is that the heels are made of a material that does not make a lot of noise while walking and they are neither too low or too high giving a bit of height for a extremely short girl (me) and still comfortable to wear it for a whole day!

The first time I saw this sweater was at Zara. I had to hold myself to not buy it immediately because my money was short (as always), but as I was browsing trough SheInside and I actually found the exact same sweater with a lower price! I could not believe my luck.

Another thing I have been looking for a while is a clutch. I actually was searching for a black one, but unfortunately I could not find any that I really liked, until I saw this mint colored clutch (the search continues for a black one). It was actually really cheap about $5,00 and I bough it at Taobao. For those who do not know Taobao is a "Chinese eBay" site where you can find everything and the prices vary from really cheap (most of the time the quality is cheap as well) to expensive (brand products). The site is in Chinese of course and if you do not live in China you will need a Chinese buying agency to purchase from the site. I used a Taobao buying agency called YoyBuy.

In reality all I want for Christmas is actually to be together with my family for the holidays, but as it is not possible I want instead some useful and conveniently beautiful things to make my stay in a different country a bit more home like.
Even with the constant missing feeling of my family and friends I have to admit I am really happy with my new life, my boyfriend always does his best to be supportive whenever I have a hard time getting used to the different culture and costumes and bit by bit I start to feel like a belong here!

For this Christmas I thought of keeping casual and useful. I would really enjoy a new camera, but never really thought about getting one myself, so this year (or maybe begging of the next year) I will certainly buy it. On to my wish list for this Christmas!

What do you want for Christmas and with who do you enjoy to spend the holidays?
For the past few days I have been obsessed with comfy and simple outfits, but honestly who isn't ?? Winter is here and the only thing we want is to be warm and comfortable 24/7. I gathered some of my favourites in this post and also added where you can buy it. 
Let me know which one is your favourite! Have a great week!

My plans on doing a haul post were washed away by all the rain from the past few days. Besides that my room is not in any conditions to appear in any picture because I'm moving soon(I'm super happy about that apart from the current mess in my room). So the plan B was to share some coupons I have found on the internet! I have never really looked for coupons while I still lived with my parents (good old times), but recently I have been buying online more often and with so many coupons available to make my buying experience more interesting (and affordable) I end up spending a good amount of time looking for new ones.
All coupons and deals I found are from hereSome of the links bellow are actually deals so you do not need a coupon, I'll divide each store between "deals" and "coupons" to make it easier.

Sheinside Deals

Free Shipping Worldwide

Sheinside Coupons

Romwe Deals

Romwe Coupons

Asos Deals

Asos Coupons

Have a nice start of the new week!   

I have always wanted a place of my own where I could ramble about my life, share my moments and talk about the things I would love to have and the ones I finally manage to achieve. I followed so many successful bloggers and beginners and I always wondered if I could actually have something like this. To be totally fair, this is not my first attempt on a blog, as a perfectionist I always saw something that I was not happy about, whether it was the name, the layout or even the content.
I convinced myself that even if I'm not totally happy with something immediately, I'll continue and try to improve bit by bit.
I look forward to it!